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Element was born out of the desire to create a space where you could feel your truest self.  A space to be comfortable, creative and to grow. Our belief is that in order to grow we must invest in ourselves and spark change.  When you look in the mirror after a visit at Element, we want you to see the very best version of you staring back. That is what drives us. Our space transforms with each guest who enters our doors. As Maven’s of our trade we hope to create your best looks, practice our craft, and bring in educators at the top of our industry to polish our expertise.  With the vibe on point, our values in place and our downtown community ever expanding we couldn’t help but to embrace the rise of an original space in the heart of Syracuse, NY.

We believe that every guest deserves a 5 star experience, an honest assessment and a personal stylist with a plan. The next time you are  searching for the best version of yourself, visit our salon and let our professionals bring you into your Element. 


(est 2017) 

MEET OUR TEAM - Click on stylist to reserve directly

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